Montessori is an education for life!

"The Montessori Method" provides education for life and each child is considered as an individual. Our aim is to encourage the child's natural development as well as introducing social behavior and good manners. Our approach is child-centered and the child is respected within the pre school's special environment. Children are encouraged to develop and broaden their educational experiences in a caring and gentle atmosphere. This enables the child's first steps in education to be enjoyable and inspiring. The key components of the Montessori Method are the child-centered special qualities of the Environment and the Practitioner.


  • To develop a positive attitude towards school and learning
  • To develop high self-esteem and self-respect
  • To develop and foster an abiding curiosity through exploration
  • To develop habits of persistence and initiative
  • To foster self-discipline and a sense of order
  • To develop socially acceptable behaviour
  • To acquire basic skills necessary for a lifetime of learning
  • To help develop each child’s innate potential.
  • To encourage active, creative thinkers, within an atmosphere free of fear, ridicule and discrimination.
  • To provide a positive, nurturing framework in which self-disciplined individuals emerge.

 Our Commitment to Inclusive Education

Our admissions policy states we “adhere to and practice the principle of non-discrimination, including discrimination based on race, sex, disability, religion, cultural or social origin, thereby striving towards a multicultural and multiracial society.” We are one of the few independent schools in the Eastern Cape who will accommodate learners with challenges and difficulties. Although we limit these numbers, our inclusion ratios are the highest in the region. Our overriding responsibility for all children, with or without special needs, is to ensure we do what is in their best interests. We strongly believe, that in any light and at any time, every child is extraordinary. Everyone within our school community benefits from our Inclusive Education Policy. What makes Montessori different? Comparison of some aspects…
One age classes Vertical Grouping – three year age span within one class
Teacher motivated and centred Child centred through self motivation
Teacher corrects work Child uses self-correcting equipment
Teacher provides discipline Environment encourages the development of self discipline
Focus on group learning set at pace of the class Individual learning with pace set by the individual
Use of reward and punishment as motivation Environment and equipment provides opportunities for self motivation
All children treated alike Differences and similarities in developmental stages as well as learning styles acknowledged and accommodated

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The Montessori Method

Maria-Montessori After years of expression mainly in pre-schools, Montessori philosophy is finally being used as originally intended, as a method of seeing children as they really are and of creating environments which foster the fulfillment of their highest potential - spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual - as members of a family, the world community and the Cosmos...

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Daily Schedule

7:30 School Opens
8:15 Line Up Time
8:30 - 10:15 Montessori Work Session
10:15 Circle Time
10:30 Snack Time
11:00 Out Side Play Time
12:00 Indoor Story Time
12:45 Lunch Time
13:00 Sleep Time
15:00 Snack and Juice Time
15:00 Snack and Juice Time
15:30 Outdoor Time Till Home Time
17:30 School Closes

Note to Parents

Parents please note: It is your responsibility to help us with certain things to make sure that all runs smoothly in our day:
  • Please make sure that your child's bag is packed properly every day.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that fees are paid up to date.
  • It is your responsibility to tell us of any changes at home which may impact on your child.
  • It is your responsibility to sign your child out every day.
Please help your child to help himself, they are little people, lets respect them.