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3 to 6 Year old

Our 3-6 class: (pre-school)
To young children, there is something very special about doing things that adults find ordinary. Our Montessori pre school classroom is divided into five core curriculum areas:
Practical life exercises such as pouring and spooning, washing dishes and polishing shoes completely absorbs them. Through this they learn hand – eye co -ordination, concentration, independence and the ability to initiate his own learning. At Maya’s Montessori we recognize this process as the beginning of control and coordination of mind and body.

Through sensory experiences our program helps children distinguish, categorize and relate new information to what they already know. Here children learn about colours, shapes, listening skills through sound boxes and they learn to feel different textures through tactile fabrics and touch boards using blindfolds to focus on one sensory organ.

They learn maths with concrete materials moving from the basic to the more difficult. This concrete experience gives the child the essential foundation needed for later maths. They make use of manipulative, concrete materials to enable the child to internalize concepts of number, symbol, sequence, operations and memorization of basic facts.

Each child’s language skills are enriched through vocabulary, conversation and comprehension activities. The Phonic Approach to reading is used and the children are encouraged to experience the diversity of language in as many ways as possible. They construct words with the large movable alphabet, then they can progress to nuances of the English Language, functions of words and grammar.

The curriculum includes cultural subjects such as history, science and geography, all using concrete objects and moving to abstract. These activities expose the child to basics in geography, history, science, botany and zoology. Music, art and movement education are part of the integrated curriculum. The aim of this area is to help the child to become a “true citizen of the world.”