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6 to 9 Year old

The Montessori Primary Classes (Gonubie Branch and Elementary school – new branch on the old Beacon Bay Road)
Our 6-9 class (Grade R/1/2/3):

In both the lower primary (equivalent roughly to grades 1, 2, 3) and upper primary (equivalent to grades 4 to 7) sections, the child’s questions provide the basis for exploration of the world.
Our Montessori school is small and unique and therefore the children have lots of individual attention in the small classes. We make use of didactic materials in conjunction with the syllabus to help children.
The subject matter is relevant to each individual child and provides intrinsic motivation for learning. A Montessori Primary Education does not give the child a collection of trivial facts but rather a vision, an interrelated knowledge and a love of learning.

The Curriculum offers a continuum built on the pre school experience and the environment reflects a new stage in the child’s development. Our school implements a Montessori Curriculum ( aligning with the revised National curriculum Statement on behalf of the Montessori Association of SA) and we are constantly ensuring we are implementing this as authentically as possible.

• An integration of the arts, sciences, geography, history, maths and language that evokes the child’s imagination
• An environment that leads the way from the concrete to the abstract
• Emphasis THE on open-ended research and in depth study using materials and sources other than text books
• A maths, algebra and geometry curriculum presented with concrete materials that simultaneously reveal arithmetic and geometric concepts from six years old

We create an understanding of human unity within cultural diversity. Within cosmic education we study:
Maths, Language, History, Geography, Physical Science, Chemistry, Physics, Zoology, Botany, Technology, Art, Music, Drama and Peace education
• Numeracy, Maths, Algebra and Geometry
• Language, Literacy and Communication
• Life Skills and Orientation
• Literature and Poetry
• Afrikaans
• Cultural Subjects including History, Geography, Science, Zoology, Biology and Botany
• The Peace Education – teaching tolerance, respect and conflict resolution
• Creative Expression / Art
• Drama
• Music Appreciation
• Physical Education