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Our Teachers

Our teachers are all loyal and devoted staff who have been with us since we have started at Maya’s. They understand the Montessori ethics and philosophy and every single staff member attends staff training sessions one Saturday per month and they also attend the Montessori Association of SA training workshops annually. They understand that Montessori teachers need to have an external and an internal preparation in order to teach and understand the Montessori child.

They understand that in Montessori the teacher is a guide who seeks to understand each child as an individual and seeks to fulfill each child’s individual need on the way to the development of the whole child. This is why the Montessori teacher is called a “directress” rather than a teacher (as main stream schools call them).

Ms Coral – Mayas Directress and Principal of Maya’s Montessori School and Elementary Branch East London is fully qualified through the London Montessori Centre (London UK) to teach pre-primary (3-6 yrs).
Fully qualified through “Headstart Montessori “ with a full NVQ 6 level (to teach children 3 – 12 years old) that is including Grade 1-7
Fully qualified with First Aid Courses in UK / SA in all levels

Granny Barbara – Head Directress (Primary level) – East London Elementary Branch has 10 years teaching experience and has attended training sessions for 10 years as well as Montessori lectures and conferences.

Ms Sheila – Head Directress (6-9 A) Grade R : has completed her Montessori teaching diploma through the College of Modern Montessori.

Ms Teboho – Classroom Directress (3-6 class) has 12 years experience and has attended training sessions for 12 years as well as Montessori lectures and conferences.

Ms Rebecca – Assistant Directress (3-6 class) has 5 years of experience and has attended training sessions for 5 years and fully capable of presenting practical life activities in the 3-6 class.

Baby unit :

Miss Wanda takes care of our little ones she has had many years teaching experience and run her own class in the past – she has been with us since the start of this year

Ms Jeanet (Classroom Directress ) Toddler group – She has been with us for 2 years now and fully capable of running all areas of the class. Ms Jeanet (known as Jetty) has attended all our Montessori training courses at school and fully competent of running her class and knowledge in the Montessori method.

We have a head in each class : baby unit/ 3-6 class/ 6-9 years class with an assistant or 2.

Each class directress holds FIRST AID QUALIFICATIONS