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Parent Testimonials

Dear Coral

I agree that the children love to learn. Liam is blooming in front of my very eyes and he is actually reading!!! Thanks to you and all of the teachers! He is trying to sound out words in my novel: his book of spells [Harry Potter]!

Aisha Abrahams - Liam is blooming

I saw the room’s new layout this morning. It is soooo lovely!! Heidi ran/crawed to the toys and started playing! Ms Wanda is also really wonderful with the babies. You can tell she really loved each one of them. It is really a special school you have Coral! x

Bianca Van Der Merwe - It is soooo lovely!!

Thank you so much for all the love and input you have given to Christine and Michaela over the past few years.
We are grateful that they have had the start that they have had at Mayas, and are confident that the foundation you have helped to lay will benefit them for the rest of their lives. I have also learned a lot more about myself and how to relate to kids than if they had gone to a typical school. Mayas is a special place

Colin Davies - Father of Christine and Michaela

I heard that the fashion show was a real success. I am looking forward to some photographs. You guys, are doing a real great job. I cannot stop thanking all of you for what you are doing for our children. I am eternally grateful! Keep up the good work!

Nolitha MJI - Chiteta's mother

The term is coming to an end and it’s time for you and your wonderful team to take a well deserved break. I always tell my friends and colleagues about Maya’s and I don’t finish my talk without saying I wish the school could expand and have a bigger primary school with all classes as we are forced to take the kids out of this wonderful system when they have to go beyond grade3. I think I will add this wish to my Xmas wish list to Santa.

Siyanda Mhlaba - Mother of Lulutho & Lisenathi